Braud Design DNA – Making Grape Harvesting Simple

For some 40 years, the world’s finest vineyards have relied on Braud Grape Harvesters. Today the New Holland BRAUD continue to be built around proven Braud design DNA, such as the flexible SDC shaking system and the careful treatment of the NORIA Sealed basket system. Braud’s top priority is preserving the quality of each and every grape for top-quality wines.

A Grape harvester is your year-round harvest investment. Would you jeopardize the fruit of intense and long labour with unreliable and ageing harvesting technologies? One would hope not. The New Holland Braud harvester range is full of award-winning technologies that ensure your harvest is as smooth and efficient as possible.

The Braud Harvester is available in five optional types: side discharge arm with single bin – with or without a destemmer, 2-bin machine – with or without a destemmer, or the ultimate destemmer unit, the Opti-Grape.

The base unit is designed to be used all year round, from pre-pruning to grape harvesting. To achieve this, a patented system was developed to couple and uncouple the picking head and a front tool carrier that can be fitted with implements. One person can remove the picking head, without special tools, in 10 minutes. All hydraulic and electrical connections are grouped together for easy access.

Braud harvesters have been redesigned to minimize maintenance time and costs. Advanced materials, sealed bearings and a smoother conveyor path make looking after these harvesters less expensive and more straightforward. The sliding pads last two to three times longer, depending on working conditions. Destemmer maintenance materials require less frequent replacement.

Intelligent Management System (IMS) will constantly monitor the demand on the engine. In light load conditions, or at the end of a row when the operator switches off the shakers and fans, IMS will vary the engine speed to precisely match demand but with no impact upon performance.

New Holland Precision Land Management (PLMTM). Braud Grape Harvesters are designed to make full use of the PLM™ technologies, allowing you to dramatically improve operator performance and comfort. Row Tracking System (RTS) uses GPS technology to map rows on the IntelliView™ IV monitor, displaying harvested rows, missed rows and overlaps, enabling the operator to quickly identify the rows to be harvested. You can store work data on a USB memory stick for traceability. PLMTM Data Management allows you to stay connected with your machines, monitor vehicle performance and track equipment locations. You can select from five different software packages, to customize a solution that best fits your operation.

The Self-Levelling system automatically controls the height and the leveling of the machine. Once the operator sets the desired picking head height, sensors prevent the picking head from contacting the ground in difficult terrain. Centralised greasing points are in place to facilitate and reduce maintenance, all grouped at a single point. Automatic greasing is also a very popular option. The factory fitted Auto Washing System is a semi-automatic system, which further reduces wash times and reduces water consumption by up to 30%.

When looking to invest in a new harvester, the trend is no longer to invest for 15-20 years, but rather to safeguard the vintage with an up to date and fully operational Grape Harvester. We would recommend renewing your harvester over 5-7 years, or perhaps corresponding with your finance plan. This will ensure you have the most up to date technology, but also keeping your asset active and avoiding any sharp decreases in value.

Maintaining your unit vintage after vintage is paramount. However, more importantly is when maintenance takes place. It is always best straight after harvest. This will allow time for a thorough inspection and any concerns you may have are still fresh on the mind. This is also a time when dealers and their workshops are not as pressed for time as they are during harvest or leading up to the next harvest. Your dealership knows what they need to monitor or check, their knowledge is direct from the factory and years of experience. Braud is supported by “trained and selected” New Holland Dealers throughout Australia.

Maintaining the “wear and tear” parts out of the season lowers your overall costs, instead of having major faults or repairs during the season due to lack of maintenance. Ensure you maintain a solid relationship with your dealership, they can provide your team with advice, tips, special deals and of course year-on-year confidence towards your harvest investments.

With over 15,000 units sold worldwide, which is more than ALL other Grape Harvester brands put together, and being the number one selling harvester in Australia (if not the world) Braud technology; it’s always the right choice for a successful harvest.


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